About Us

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide (source: WHO, 2018). There are an estimated 360,000 annual drowning deaths. Children, males and individuals are most at risk.

OUR MISSION – To reduce this number.

It is not enough if it were only us doing it. Our approach is to educate the public through swimming lessons, conduct water safety talks and providing our professionally trained lifeguards to designated swimming pools.

Our approach is with education and awareness. We believe that through education and raising awareness, the message of water safety can be widely spread, at an even faster rate. 

Education – Swimming lessons, water safety talks, lifesaving courses.

Awareness – Lifeguard services; providing trained lifeguards to pools, beach, events and parties. With presence, comes awareness.

Bearded Lifeguard

Started since 2017, by a team of 3. Between these 3, they have a total of 43 years of experience in lifesaving and swim teaching combined. Don’t be confused, Bearded Lifeguard is our brand name. You’ll see the brand across our uniforms donned by our lifeguards. This brand name was inspired by one of the 3 founders of the company.
In a short span of 2 years, we have provided lifeguard services, both short term and long term, to clubs, hotels, schools/institution, birthday parties, beach parties as well as open water competition like triathlons, Liberty Swim, and the MetaSprint series.

Our Clients