Lifeguard Services

Hiring lifeguards can be a challenge; finding the rightfully certified guards and those who are professional at their job. Fret not! We have a huge database of lifesaving certified lifeguards who are trained and have had a range of experience from the pool, to open waters that are ready to be deployed to:

  • Maintain constant surveillance of patrons in the facility
  • Act immediately and appropriately in the event of an emergency to secure safety of swimmers
  • Provide emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency services

Lifeguard for your swimming pool,
events, pool parties

Currently, the Bearded Lifeguard team are deployed on a yearly contract basis, at a few hotel pools and institutions in Singapore. Our team are equipped to provide our service to companies that are looking for such long-term services. Our lifeguard can also be hired and deployed on an ad-hoc basis; for birthday party at the pool, company event or even filming, by the pool or waterway etc.

Open water lifeguard services

Our Bearded Lifeguards have been deployed to open water events before, too. We also have a very experienced Safety Manager to oversee the whole open water event, so that you can have a peace of mind.